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All you need is a smart phone and an internet connection!

Topcall is a Premium VoIP Service giving you the Best way to make calls and connects your Family & Friends. It has been designed with advanced compression technology which allows for premium quality of voice for all calls at the best-in-market rates.
There are 2 variants of Topcall :   Topcall and Topcall Lite.
Topcall is compatible for high end smartphones and has extended features like  unlimited on net calls, video calls and chats to other Topcall subscribers.
Topcall Lite is a no frills version that will work with very low memory and bandwidth. It can also work in VoiP blocked regions as well as under poor internet connections.
 Salient Features:
  • ¬†Premium Quality Routes for All Calls
  • ¬†Best-In-Market Rates Always
  • ¬†Real Talk-Time per Minute
  • ¬†Free Sign up credit
  • ¬†Easy top up via credit card/Paypal/Recharge vouchers or cards.
  • ¬†Use WiFI or¬†mobile data 2G/3G/4G(LTE


*PLEASE NOTE RATES MAY VARY PER DESTINATION* Please visit the call rates page in the website to view the updated rates for each destination

final iphone and android topcall lite